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Marketing Matters!  Image Matters!  Find a theme that fits your style!


AMG Real Estate Listing Presentations stand out from the rest and provide our clients with unique marketing that is both a beautiful and useful tool.  Get premium real estate presentations that work in any market!

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We provide wonderfully crafted real estate marketing products that are affective in any market in North America!


So, you're a real estate agent who specializes in Los Angeles, or maybe New York, Miami, or Toronto.  It doesn't really matter where you are from or where your target market is.  Our real estate marketing products work in any market for any body at any time.  However, we do provide our clients in California and Florida with options that suit their specific market and climate.

A theme that fits to your needs

Key Features


Easy to Get Started!

All you need is to choose a template you like, provide us with your contact info, typed profile and logo in PNG, or PDF format and we do the rest!  If you don't have a logo we can create one for you!


High Impact Books

Our products stand out from the rest and offer a great overall experience to your values clients.  At Agent Marketing Group, we believe that first impressions make a huge difference.


Easy To Present

You have the ability to present your booklets digitally using issuu, which you will be provided with as a bonus.  You can flip through page by page in digital format for your clients to view.


Beautiful Design

AMG's real estate marketing products are beautifully crafted with lots of high resolution photos, images, logos, graphics and more.


Easy To Customize

Our books come with Ad-on options to help you customize it to your liking.  Each ad-on is reasonably priced and allows you to have more control over what the final product looks like.


Mobile/Desktop Friendly

Our products are use friendly and laid out in chronological order to reflect the buying and selling process and can be viewed on any mobile device.


Listing Presentation Pricing



12 Templates to choose from


You can customize:


- Agent Profile Photo(1 position)


- Logo & Contact Info


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20 Templates to choose from


You can customize:


- Colors (8 to choose from)


- All Photos


- Logo and Contact Info

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Completely Customizable


You Determine:


- Color Concept


- Design Style


- Up to 40 Pages per book

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Custom Property Brochures



AMG's community profile property brochures incorporated useful real estate related neighborhood information that are useful to potential buyers.  Info such as walkscores, local amenities, transportation routes, business corridors and more are presented in a format that is as informative as possible.

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