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It all started with an idea.  The idea to be able to create marketing products that not only look good and feel good, but also that work.  Marketing products that add that "wow" factor to your listing presentation, or that essentially sell the home for you.  Products that are creative, custom and unique and for a fraction of the cost.


Through the years, we have developed many products, serviced many customers and have created a process that can help excel your business by simply building your brand.


As a real estate agent for over 8 years, I always wondered why other agents never had the necessary tools to not only help sell a home, but also themselves.  If they did have something, it usually wasn't up to my standards and therefore, couldn't work for my clients either.  Then I met this guy who, I was told, was very creative and could essentially create anything.  After working with him and his company for years, I thought we could come up with a better way to help other agents on a broader scale who felt the same way I used to think.


We brainstormed and developed Agent Marketing Group.  Our connections together established a broad database that even reached overseas and before we knew it, we were growing at a pace beyond our expectations.


It all started with an idea...and some really cool designs!







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