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Can You Relate?

Can You Relate?

May 7, 2017

Most of the time, buyers and sellers tend to lean toward someone who they believe have the same interests as them.  In any case, there is a mutual agreement that selling or buying a home is that common interest, however, it's important to relate as much as possible to your potential clients.  In order to do this you do need to understand who it is you are marketing to.  What are their interests, their hobbies, their preferences?  What do they like to do in their spare time?  Are they family-oriented, social, self-motivated or eclectic?  The truth is, many people aren't fully aware of what they really want, so how can you relate?

Information is key in order to have a generic understanding of the ins and outs of real estate marketing.  Finding different ways to relate, whether it's through sports, family, religion, morality, business or even luxury plays a huge role in this.  But your personality and they way that you are perceived is more important than you may think.  Do you listen?  Are you following your client's requests and guidelines?  Are you able to combine creative thinking while still researching to find or sell a home within your client's stated parameters?  Are you motivating, upbeat and positive throughout the process?


It is an essential part of the process to find common ground in any aspect with your clients and capitalizing on it.  Finding what motivates them first will help streamline the process and allow you to narrow down your search for a new home or a new buyer.


So...can you relate?

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