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Can You Relate?

April, 2017

Most of the time, buyers and sellers tend to lean toward someone who they believe have the same interests as them.  In any case, there is a mutual agreement that selling or buying a home is that mutual interest, however, it's important to make you relate as possible to your potential more REALTOR® relatability.

Why Marketing Matters.

April, 2017

Listen and listen clearly.  If you do not market yourself, you will not grow.  On the contrary, if you do not market yourself properly, you could either hurt your brand and eventually make it obsolete.  Your market matters more than you may more real estate marketing.

The Difference Between Me and You.

April, 2017

What's the difference between me and you? Well there are many things, but do those things truly stand out?  Are you leaving a lasting impression or an impression that doesn't last?  It is possible to blend overall professionalism with overall appeal, but what is vitally important is how you stand more about how you can stand out as a real estate agent.

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